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Concrete Pumping

Should the area you require the concrete to be delivered be difficult to access, we can arrange for our concrete to be pumped to the location. 


Excellent for:  concrete shuttered walls, muck stores, large flooring areas where there is reinforcing mesh.

Limited access?  Pipes can go where wheelbarrows can’t!

Area Covered 

Staffordshire, Cheshire & Derbyshire.  Click here to view map.


Pumping Rate

Can pump up to approx. 30 - 40 m³ per hour (conditions dependant)


Enables you to get ready mix concrete to where you need it.

Drivers/Pump Operators

Reliable & experienced operators.

Pump Pipe Length

Boom pump to 16m.

Additional pipes can extend to approximately 70m.

Customer Service

Being a small family business we pride ourselves on excellent customer service.

We can arrange a site visit to offer advice if required.

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Pump 4.JPG
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